Friday, August 19, 2011

Chocolate Rice Krispies Treats

What's great about this recipe is it's the easiest sweet you'll ever make! You can adjust the sweetness to your taste and it's a chocolate version of the popular treat. I have made it with plain Mars chocolates and with the almond kind. They're great both ways!

1 box Rice Krispies or other plain puffed rice cereal
1 lb solid fat (butter or vegetable shortening)
8-12 Mars bars
Greased cookie sheet

Melt the fat and the chocolate bars in a large pot over low heat and mix until completely combined. Add the puffed rice and fold in gently while hot. Be careful not to crush the cereal too much. Pour out onto the cookie sheet and press with a wooden spoon or spatula to flatten. Allow to cool completely or refrigerate until hard. Flip onto a flat surface and cut into cubes with a serrated knife. Yummy!

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